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Golf Lessons

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  • punta-cana-golf-lessons-the-golf-republic

Golf Lessons

• Private Golf Classes-$100/60 Minutes
• Additional Person-$25/Person
• Junior Golf Classes-$50/50 Minutes
• 30 Minute Touch Up Class-$60/30 Minutes

Half Day Golf School$250

• 3 Hour Golf Learning Program. 2 Hours are spent on the practice facility working on all facets of the game. The remaining 1 Hour will be on the golf course. Every student needs to put into action what they have learned.
Full Day Golf School-$500
• 6 Hour Golf Learning Program. 2 Hours are spent on the practice facility working on all facets of the game. Break for Lunch-which is included. 1 Hour working on the short game and putting. Remaining 2 Hours will be on the golf course putting into practice what has been learned.
9 Hole Course Management Class-$225 • 9 holes or 2.5 Hours of Class (Whichever comes first). This class includes 30 minutes of warm up with light golf instruction followed by 2 hours on the golf course learning how to manage your game in a better fashion. Lunch is included. Short Game and Putting Class-$100
• Different learning activities will be set up in order for you to get the most out of the pitching/chipping portion of the game. Putting will fully looked at as well. Different techniques will be discussed in order for you to hole more putts. 1 hour class. Design Your Own Learning Program
• If you need to work on something specific on this list, please feel free to share any options you would like to have. We can design a program together to make you a better golfer/player.


Punta Espada Ladies Golf Program-CLICK HERE • Every Friday from 4:30-6:00 PM
• Punta Espada Golf Club-Cap Cana Resort
• WINE IS INCLUDED (Until it runs out)
• Clubs are included
• Fun is included. 🙂
• Please Click on the Link above for more information
• Every Saturday Morning @ 10:00-11:30 AM
• Punta Blanca Golf Club
• Fun is Included
• Clubs are Included (if you do not own any golf clubs)
• New Friends are Included
• MIMOSAS are Included (Until it runs out)